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Alternate versions the initial dvd release removes a scene where goofy is seen smoking a cigarette and blowing smoke rings. Edited german dvd saludos amigos 2004, identical to the us dvd. I watched this asa kid back inthe states and not in 1943 either and i loved it too so i passed along the magic to him. Original saludos amigos 1943 movie poster in g condition. November 29, 1995 released as part of disneys exclusive archive collection as a doublefeature with the three caballeros on sides 5 and 6 bonus features. Inspired by walt disneys goodwill tour of latin america during. Donald duck stars in two of them and goofy stars in one. I do, however, feel like i should at least mention the title song.

Whereas the first five disney films were conventional and generallypraised cinematic adaptations of stories, saludos is a mixture of musical, comical animation and cultural. Disney animators tour south america and present four animated shorts inspired by their trip. Worth a watch for cartoon enthusiasts or people interested in the history of south america. Saludos amigos spanish for greetings, friends is a 1942 american liveaction animated. Saludos amigos is a 1942 movie that takes place in latin america, produced by walt disney productions and released by rko radio pictures. Uncut german rental tape donald duck drei caballeros im sambafieber 80s in the new releases one scene, which shows goofy having a smoke, has been edited. Links go to the internet movie database laserdisc database buy posters from buy posters from moviegoods buy this soundtrack from.

This may, we invite you on an exciting journey through south america in saludos amigos 1943. Saludos amigos is a colorful kaleidoscope of art, adventure and music set to a toetapping samba beat. Saludos amigos post 2 of 2 saludos amigos post 1 of 2 015 he dood it again. Saludos amigos is pretty good for what it is which is a typically grand, traditional opening number from the studio.

Saludos amigos was popular enough that walt disney decided to make another film about latin america, the three caballeros, to be produced two years later. The music of latin america circa 1943 by donald ballard classic. Saludos amigos film animated feature film about latin america, made up of four animated segments tied together by liveaction footage of the activities of walt disney and his artists on their trip. Pdf download walt disney uncle scrooge and donald duck. The project that originated saludos amigos 1943 and the three caballeros. Saludos amigos 1943 original theatrical trailer youtube. Monsters university monsters university unlocks the door on how mike and sulley overcame their. E basato sugli appunti di viaggio di uno staff di disegnatori nei. L equipe disney sorvola il lago titicaca dove e raggiunta da paperino in viaggio turistico. Set in latin america, it is made up of four different segments. After a live action sequence in which walt disney himself gives a tour of his animation studios in california, the action shifts to south america.

Find out where to watch it online and stream saludos amigos with a free trial today. Saludos amigos is without a doubt, one of disneys more creative and original films. Your international traveling companions are none other than famous funny friends, donald duck and goofy. Liveaction segments show members of the disney staff touring south america and recording their impressions in sketches. Can you watch saludos amigos with a streaming service. Movie after releasing five largely wonderful feature films within a span of just 5 years, walt disney and company changed gears altogether with 1943s saludos amigos, the first of the socalled anthology films.

Saludos amigos is a departure from this norm, at least in concept. Financial analysis of saludos amigos 1943 including budget, domestic and international box office gross, dvd and bluray sales reports, total earnings and profitability. Saludos amigos 1942 nr 02061943 us animation, family 42m user score. A colorful adventure with donald duck and goofy set to a samba beat. Saludos amigos is fortytwo minutes long and was released in theaters on august 24, 1942.

Saludos amigos trailer 1943 trailer for saludos amigos. Lake titicaca depicts tourist donald ducks troubles with a stubborn llama. Saludos amigos is a 1943 animated film produced by walt disney productions and released by rko radio pictures. Your international traveling companions are none other than those famous funny friends, donald duck and goofy. A whimsical blend of liveaction and animation, saludos amigos is a colorful kaleidoscope of art, adventure and music set to a toetapping samba beat. Purchase saludos amigos on digital and stream instantly or download offline.

Both of these songs are actually pretty solid, but highly forgettable in. Saludos amigos is your basic opening credits piece, performed by the usual disney choir. It did not win an oscar, but its success was probably one of the main reasons for the sequel. Walt disney and his team explore the heart and soul of latin america, capturing their adventures along the way. E basato sugli appunti di viaggio di uno staff di disegnatori nei paesi dellamerica latina e i quattro episodi in cui e. Free saludos amigos dvd cover 1943 r2 german ready to download and print.

Ver saludos amigos 1942 online latino hd pelisonline. Walt disney goes south american in his gayest musical technicolor feature overview. Original movie poster for saludos amigos 1943 9 original walt disney company original half sheet poster 22x28 rolled very good offered by kirby mcdaniel movieart of austin, texas. How to watch saludos amigos 1943 streaming online the. By 1943, the united statess involvement in world war ii had really taken off. The sixth animated feature in the disney animated features canon, it is made up of four different segments. At 42 minutes, it is disneys shortest animated feature to date.

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