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We say welcome to you, in the name of international bodyguard academy hq. Executive protection specialists that are responsible for the safety and security of vips, corporate executives, politicians, celebrities and others are facing new challenges. To enable trainees to test their fitness and ability to work in the vip protection branch. The principal may be a vip a very important person. Our handson training programs are ideal for those wishing to enter into the exciting field of executive protection or for the seasones veteran in need of a refresher course prior to an. Vip protection training special operations systems, llc. Mar 27, 2008 this video is for entertaining purpose only. Israeli dignitary protection unit s agents, is designed to provide military, government and law enforcement personnel with the skills required for protecting dignitary, vip or high risk individuals that presents a likely target. Tactics of the vip protection unit formerly called g4. Our training program is inspired by israeli techniques.

Executive and vip protection services complete security for highprofile clients. The tactics and techniques presented throughout will be. Read online basic tactics on vip protection dag repository book pdf free download link book now. To discuss the use of vehicles in close protection procedures and. Vip close protection of cer certi cation is highly desirable vip close. Download basic tactics on vip protection dag repository book pdf free download link or read online here in pdf. If training staff in personal protection only, the instructors must cover the following sections from the pcc manual prior to any physical training. An introduction to celebrity protection and touring offers a peek behind the scenes of the close protection industry, more commonly known as the bodyguard business.

Security instruction manual that we call the bible. View basic tactics on vip protection 1 from pte 999 at north south university. Tactics and methodologies have been tested successfully in a variety of settings. A senior executive is enjoying an excellent meal at a fashionable restaurant when. The officers should be given a summary of the key points of the lesson before being asked if they have any questions. Crisis recognition and reaction roles and responsibilities of the vip protection agent, krav maga for vip protection firearms the operational advance securing the principal tactical medicine best practices live fire scenarios and much more. Combat shooting security driving close protection intensive. Protecting the person and their reputation bodyguards need to learn that vip protection is more than just physical safety. This seminar shows the theoretical practice environment executive protection and various issues of knowledge and application as part and.

Bodyguard school vip protection course how to become a. We continue to add instruction materials and videos as part of an ongoing. Vip protection aware of the many problems of insecurity and risk situations that we face every day in mexico mexico city, makes an effort to provide more and better services safety and security, to meet the needs of our customers. Crisis recognition and reaction roles and responsibilities of the vip protection agent, krav maga for vip protection firearms the operational advance securing the principal tactical medicine best practices live fire scenarios and much more developed by as solution. The close protection training course is a 28 day intensive training program for the person who is seeking a career as an executive protection operative and is currently serving in the executive protection field in the military, police and corporate environments.

I have not intention to promote or sale this course. Vip helps organizations prevent unauthorized access to sensitive networks and applications, comply with data protection regulations, and enforce security best practices. Vip protection course basic course course length 4 days this course ensures the development of a professional dignitary protection agent. Lesson 2 basic tactics on vip protection practical element. In the close protection profession, a principal is an individual or a group that requires personal protection. Asc specializes in security risk, threat assessment, protective tactics and strategies. Basic tactics on vip protection the united nations vehicles for the practical section of. This service usa vip care protection plan protection plan is a service contract between you, the original purchaser and consumer, and service usa, the administrator and provider of this service contract. The executive protection training institute offers high quality executive protection, police and safetysecurity officer training based with a firm focus on legal liability issues and a common sense approach. Bodyguard careers is an informational site with the purpose of providing bodyguards with all the information and tools necessary to succeed in the executive protection industry. Reality based tactical drills which include a large number of scenarios that will test the knowledge earned during training while combining all combat components such as.

The four basic formations are the wedge, box, diamond and oneonone formations which are a structured perimeter defense formed around the. So, you can contact vip protection manual easily from some device to maximize the. Basic tactics on vip protection 1 public order management. Resource typing definition for response onscene security, protection, and law enforcement. Krav maga, tactics, medical training, shooting practice, and no calisthenics. They must be practiced and skilled to be able to demonstrate the technique correctly. Increase user productivity, adoption, and satisfaction tailor your use of strong authentication to balance the cost, convenience, and security. Learn how personal protection specialists and professional bodyguards manage vip security operations. Bodyguard training online executive security international. Vip protection agent of the philippines class 04 batch 55.

Its also about preserving the clients public image. State leader zhang dejiang arriving at the grand hyatt hotel on may18, 2016. Oct 15, 2010 by doc rogers while on bodyguard assignments there are four basic formations you will employ in the protection of your client depending on the environment, threat level, circumstances and the number of bodyguards available. Our vip protection training course includes range work, classroom and a final training exercise. To introduce the israeli vip protection concepts,methods and tactics. This handbook contains extracts from doctrine as well as various convoy products. These all encompassing skill sets are critical for both protective services details and vip protection missions. Basic tactics on vip protection two hours lesson 1 practice 11 hours and half of practical lessons lesson 2 the practice should be carried out over a number of days and the instructors should be aware that the physically demanding nature of deploying the fpu in vip protection techniques must be carefully managed so that the students do. Thank you for your interest and approach about taking education in personal protection. Academis personal protection specialist course focuses on protecting a principal from embarrassment and harm. Internationaly recogized training provider for diplomatic security. Ess has the only executive protection school in florida, that is certified and approved by the d. This program was not designed to be what is new or what is next, it was designed to provide you with what works. Exco 310801 v i p protection policy and risk analysis on safety of all executive members of council resolved that.

This course will teach the important concepts and techniques needed for the personal protection of dignitaries and their families. This is why, the pdf books that we presented always the books like incredible reasons. Vip protection training courses at police science institute. The primary audience for this handbook is the commissioned and noncommissioned. This manual is intended to be a resource for protection officers and to provide a standard terminology and doctrine for such deployments, to ensure a consistently. Protection and security services purpose to provide protection and security services to all identified dignitaries and government interests.

Acquaint you with some of the principles of personal protection, including those. They all share the basic concepts but if you watch potuss youll notice a lot of things you wont find in any other escort convoy. Maintaining a low profile utilizing awareness training selecting a dominant and allseeing position in the restaurant avoiding fixed and predictable routines using initiative and common sense recovering from surprise and maintaining the initiative life saving tactics. Jul 04, 2016 ess has the only executive protection school in florida, that is certified and approved by the d. Vip protection tactics, krav maga, tactical movements and more, all in order to simulate reality at the max. With real world advice, tactics and techniques on how to identify and defeat potential attackers, as well as covering everything from dealing with overzealous fans, to hyperaggressive paparazzi, this book offers proven solutions.

Extensive training in vip protection program includes protectivemotorcade driving, protection tactics and vehicular getaway tactics. It is this esi vip protection manual that became the foundation of the widely respected published book by martha braunig, the new executive protection bible. That is why this course is called vip protection well assume that youll be protecting vips such as the heads of giant international companies. Basic tactics on vip protection the united nations. Learn how personal protection specialists manage vip s security in several environments, from corporate to university campus application. This protection plan is not a cleaning or maintenance contract, insurance policy, or your original manufacturer warranty. Tactics of the vip protection unit formerly called g4 youtube. This course provides immediately actionable skill sets and tactics born from intelligence driven protective methodologies used by the most respected personal protectors on the globe. Tactics of the vip protection unit state leader zhang dejiang arriving at the grand hyatt hotel on may18, 2016. To all those brave women and men, security guards, dignitary and executive protection officers, law and security enforcement personnel, who risk and lose their lives to protect others. Bodyguard, vip security, executive protection, executive.

Designing an executive protection program in a corporate. Dcjs executive protection personal protection specialist. About us dear companion, dear international bodyguard academy member. This handbook is intended to be used as a field guide for tactical convoy operations. Vip protection tactical course course topics include. What is executive protection what you need to know ess. Only 10 spots are available so call now to sign up. The threat of terrorism or violent crime to dignitaries, government officials, corporate executives and other high profile individuals is very real. Green berets ultralight bug out bag with gear recommendations duration. May 19, 2016 state leader zhang dejiang arriving at the grand hyatt hotel on may18, 2016. The primary objective of our vip protection training course is to examine and share practical, realworld knowledge and insight as to vip protection strategies and tactics, along with covering the broad spectrum of various types of clients, and, operations of various complexity and difficulty.

Basic tactics on vip protection dag repository pdf. Is internal team qualified and capable or will an outside firm be necessary. Europe, state and private vip protection teams video shooting range, closed shooting range, military shooting polygon reliable methods. Academi is a certified virginia department of criminal justice services dcjs training school license 881815.

Unsubscribe from pretorian worldwide official channel. Other barriers can include using good communications, engendering a positive attitude towards the threat and security procedures, being methodical, consistent and so on. Principles of protection consists of the 500 page esi vip protection manual written by esi staff. The type of people that ask for vip security protection may include celebrities, politicians, dignitaries, and business. This fact presents a need for highly trained, select personnel to effectively counter this threat.

With sig sauer academys executive protection operations training, students learn to develop plans, conduct route and site surveys, run motorcade operations, perform foot formations, execute emergency immediate action procedures, and concludes in a realistic street scenario mission. This is a brief homemaker film from the last day of the training. Our pps course emphasizes several protective services skill sets which include but not limited to. International close protection, security and antiterrorism. Jason donaldson, former platoon sergeant and founder of. Protection operatives are required to provide personal protection and describe the different tasks involved explain the need for a close protection operative to be flexible and act in a professional manner during an assignment explain how working alone affects how a close protection operative carries out their role. Cameras, alarms, agentsguards company employees or outside firm.

Security detail for company meetings and events only. We have practiced emergency vehicle tactics ourselves during defensive. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so dont worry about it. Strategic objective minimise security violations by protecting foreign and local prominent people and securing strategic interests. As the name suggests vip protection means providing executive protection to anyone that may need it. We will focus on defensive vehicle tactics this class.

We will instruct how to make use of cover and positioning around vehicles. This main task can include protection of convoys, relocation or evacuation of staff and intervention where necessary for the protection of staff and in. By doc rogers while on bodyguard assignments there are four basic formations you will employ in the protection of your client depending on the environment, threat level, circumstances and the number of bodyguards available. Tactics of the vip protection unit pakistan defence.

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