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This chapter explores how the affective turn within feminist theory has shaped new ways of thinking about gendered power relations, subjectivities and embodied sport experiences. It aims to understand the nature of gender inequality. Feminist theory emerged from these feminist movements. Feminist theory sociological theory feminist theory abstract this article provides an overview of feminist theory in sociology, including its early themes, contributions to the discipline, and areas that pose the most resistance. The study of the law relating to sexually marginalized people evolved in the 1980s and 1990s out of feminist legal theory, postmodern theory, and critical race theory. While feminist theories have historically noted the privilege differential between men and women in society, current feminist theories often. Transforming visions and diverse voices, jean lau chin posits that there is no singular definition of feminist leadership 2007. Interactionist theory critical theory feminist theories figurational theory. Feminist victimization theories criminology oxford. Postmodern theory an overview sciencedirect topics. In keeping with the activist nature of feminist theory, this course will approach theory as an attempt to answer fundamental questions about the power relations that structure our everyday lives and consciousness.

Feminism is the doctrine advocating social, political, and economic rights for women equal to those of men. Sports are the creations of people interacting with one another. Overstates the positive consequences of sport in society assumes that all social groups benefit equally from sports does not recognize that sports are social constructions that. Liberal femi nism treats women as a homogenous category of persons denied their essential humanity yet takes the situation of white, middleclass, heterosexual women e. Sports are the social stuff out of which society and culture come to be what they are. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext.

American enterprise institute recommended for you 5. Female body feminist theory sport organization world woman wave feminism. Thus, radical feminists tend to be skeptical of political action within the current system and instead tend to focus on culture change that undermines. And that clarity helps us remember that all of us, female and male, have been socialized from birth on to accept sexist thought and action. Apparently, arithmetic word problems are inherently sexist in their content, and hence can be liberated by a feminist lens. The third wave feminism began in the 1990s and embraced conflict, contradictions and. It focuses on diversity, gender issues and sexism, and is committed to both individual and social change. Feminist theories are a group of related theories that share several principles in common. A companion to sport brings together writing by leading sports theorists and social and cultural thinkers, to explore sport as a central element of contemporary culture positions sport as a crucial subject for critical analysis, as one of the most significant forms of popular culture. Feminist theories for sport feminist theory is a dynamic, continually evolving complex of theories or theoretical traditions that take as their point of departure the analysis of gender as a category of experience in society.

Chapter one introduces the concepts of oppression and authority in sport for females. Body structure hormones and genetic traits such as height, weight, muscle mass, body fat, and aerobic capacity determine the athletic differences in men and women. It examines womens and mens social roles, experiences, interests, chores, and feminist politics in a variety of fields, such as anthropology and sociology, communication, media studies, psychoanalysis, home economics, literature. Feminist theories criminology oxford bibliographies. Feminist cultural studies and sport culture unbound.

Cultural studies, history, gender, body, sport, feminist theory. Request pdf gender, feminist theory, and sport this chapter focuses on the development of critical work on gender and sport and how this has changed over time. Radical feminism opposes existing political and social organization in general because it is inherently tied to patriarchy. Feminism can be taken up in many contexts such as sport and exercise, where theorists and practitioners engage with feminist theory, feminist activism, feminist politics, feminist education, feminist class, race, or gender struggle, and global feminism to varying degrees. There is no original or primary gender a drag imitates, but gender is a kind of. A feminist perspective on sport psychology practice by uncg. Krane 1994 applied a feminist perspective to research and theory in sport. It is focused strongly on prevailing angloamerican feminist perspectives on the. I am going to discuss the development of feminist theories as to the sources of gender inequality and its pervasiveness, and the different feminist political solutions and. P rograms advocated include affirmative action, equal opportunity employment, employment equity, pay equity, parental leave, subsidized daycare professional and middleclass women national action committee on the status of woman n.

As a direct result of these actions, the first olympic 800metre race for women. Rather, there have been evolutions of the different frameworks under the broad heading of feminist theory since the late 1700s. The second wave refers to the action of the womens liberation movement beginning in the early 1950s which campaigned for social and legal equality for women. A major component of all feminist theories is that gender is socially constructed. Feminist psychology grew from the influences of the womens movement of the 1960s. Feminist issues in sport 493 the twoway channel swim record is held by a woman, cynthia nicholas of canada. Women have something valuable to contribute to every aspect of the world. Feminists use the experience of women to make research that is beneficial to women.

Pdf feminist sport psychology encompasses many approaches and has many variations. The following themes, drawn from feminist theory and sport studies. It is manifest in a variety of disciplines such as feminist geography, feminist history and feminist literary criticism. Another woman, penny lee dean usa, holds the england to france record. As an oppressed group, women have been unable to achieve their potential, receive rewards, or gain full participation in society. Feminist theory is a fairly new approach to the ir discipline and the aim is to produce knowledge that helps inform practices to improve the lives of women. The variety of feminisms and their contribution to gender equality introduction my focus is the continuities and discontinuities in recent feminist ideas and perspectives. Although all feminists strive for gender equality, there are various ways to approach this theory, including liberal. Homosexuality and heterosexuality as historically contingent. The current paper extends the feminist perspective to sport psychology practice, particularly to educational consultation. However, an attention to values is a theme that emerges across many scholars definitions of feminist. Yet, even though it is only a social construction, it has very real and tangible consequences in our society. Key concepts hegemonic masculinity patriarchal dividend. A feminist perspective on sport psychology practice.

Men should also support more authorship of feminist theory by women and challenge other men to see feminist theory as a legitimate and necessary practice that challenges men to end patriarchy. Liberal feminism m odern liberal feminism bears the legacy of early. Pdf this chapter explores how the affective turn within feminist theory. Feminist leadership theory paper 2 feminist theory paper introduction in her introduction to women and leadership. Estrogen is a hormone found only in women which causes them to carry more fat than men. Feminist theory is the extension of feminism into theoretical, fictional, or philosophical discourse. Application of a feminist perspective to sport psychology practice requires a an awareness of relevant gender scholarship and valuing of the female. Pdf feminist theories of emotion and affect in sport.

Sage reference feminist theories for sport sage knowledge. Rush, autumn grubbswetnam, and christina lane the focus of this chapter is the ways in which communication theory and method can provide a richer, more complex and enlightening canvas of. Using critical theories to take social action use sports to challenge and transform exploitive and oppressive. Pdf theory, feminism, and feminist theory reter badak. These themes are evident in the growl ng ist psychology work, although psychology. Feminist theory, or feminism, is support of equality for women and men. First, feminist theories maintain that genderthe socially constructed expectations about the attitudes and behaviors of women and men that are typically referred to as femininity and masculinity, respectivelyis a central organizing component of social life, including criminal. Sport and traditions of feminist theory involves a philosophical examination of the opportunities that are offered to females who seek authority in sporting participation, by an examination of the ideas that emanate from various streams of feminist thought. In reality, there has been no coherent, cohesive, authentic sport feminism, but many. Feminist theory is an international interdisciplinary journal that provides a forum for critical analysis and constructive debate within feminism theoretical pluralism feminist diversity feminist theory is genuinely interdisciplinary and reflects the diversity of feminism, incorporating perspectives from across the broad spectrum of the humanities and social sciences and the full range of. Sports consist of sets of relationships that are produced by people in society. Feminist therapy is not only personal but, like feminism, political in nature. Dame naomi james nz held the roundtheworld, solosailor record.

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