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Majikoi is back and better than ever in this sequel to the hit 2009 visual novel. Majikoi s trial patch out, monshiro route released, margit route fully translated, 70% edited, kokoro 34% transalted. Majikoi is a visual novel developed by minato soft that focuses around the life of naoe yamato and the strong samurai girls that surround him. One of the amusing bad ends more like best end you can get with miyako in majikoi a2. Majikoi translation project released fuwanovel forums. While aware of miyako shiinas romantic feelings for him, he generally rejects her. In this series, you will play 3 exciting heroines route which is margit after story, yoshitsune and takae. Localizing a visual novels is a huge undertaking as their text lengths are longer than most books.

Check out inspiring examples of majikoi artwork on deviantart, and get inspired by our community of talented artists. Miyako would eventually take up archery as a spot and excelled greatly in it. Its rather simple really, if you search through steam for majikoi there is only one group for majikoi which is strictly japanese only, comments, group info everything, additionally it hasnt been active for quite some time, 2009 i think, so i decided to create a new one, welcoming both english and japanese steam users. There will not be any partial patches for majikoi a1. The good part about fan translations is that theyre faithful to the original. It wants to be a tantalizing cheesecake series, mixing in comedy, martial arts, action, drama, and romance along with it. Sep 02, 2017 commonly fanservice is happen when the girls harem make comfortable to man, for example put lap pillow, bring airbag etc. Majikoi s trial english version wairu translations. For those of you who dont already know, i am a huge fan of the majikoi series and i often find myself daydreaming about it. She is one of the love interests to yamato in majikoi. By maji translations team memberspeople involved in the process. I bet that quality check for miyako has never been worked on and has always been 0.

It even tries throwing in a plot between all the fan service and humor. Gearing up for v21 over the next couple of months if you have not already please be sure to vote in the ongoing poll threads regarding davids classes and spell names. But at this scene its violence and put air bag and crush yamatos neck. The download links for the english translation patches and translated freeware. Dont ask for or link to illegal downloads, dont mention sites where illegal downloads are hosted, and dont encourage illegal downloading. Personal insults are not allowed and will at the very least result in a temporary ban. Reddit polls so far only allow up to 6 options so im just going to go with a safe option here. It has excellent comedy, heartwarming slice of lifefriendship, entertaining action scenes, and has occasional seriousfeelsemotional moments. In this route, the story is pretty much about takae obviously you baka who always experienced bad luck and how she will exceed it. Review majikoi a5 yoshitsune route okky novianto in my. Josh grelle english, hiroshi kamiya japanese, not known. Jan 22, 20 a1 is the first of the 5 majikoi a fan discs and it features routes for benkei, azumi and sayaka.

For reference, translating majikoi is the equivalent of translating the entire lord of the ring book series. Majikoi momoyo kawakami does violence fanservice to yamato. So as one might suspect i was super looking forward to a1. Now when you have downloaded both of these, run majikoi once then close it and install the patch, you run the majikoi english patch. Any questionscomments regarding the project andor patch translation bugsproblems reports, go here. A fandisc featuring routes for seiso and cookie 4 is, as well as an after story for monshiro. I would love to play majikoi s, but will have to wait for a translation, or learn to read japanese, which i probably will, at some point. As you know, majikoi a5 will be the last majikoi a installment and hopefully its not the last for majikoi series. I think majikoi was in translation for just about as long as ive been playing visual novels, so when a friend told me about the fantastic experience hed had with it i was more than keen to jump in and give it a shot. Mahoutsukai no yoru trial patch released, work on the full game planned. Rememberremina uploaded and added to miyako bad ends 2 years ago. Majikoi translation discussion page 3 fan translation. Majikoi s takes place after the events of majikoi and lets you choose which of majikois many endings to proceed from. Majikoi a2 has now been fully translated by the fan translation team at s.

Video visual novel game translation png image on may 24, 2018, 8. Majikoi covers a lot of genres and does an excellent job at them. Choose your favorite heroine and enjoy new romantic events with her, or choose to start with no commitment. Released in 2009, majikoi tells the rather lighthearted tale of the adventures of. Jul 15, 20 yeah and i hope this m is a new character instead of maple because its too obvious for the routes i was disappointed in the lack of appearance of the kazama famliy especially in lees route because i thought that route will have the same pattern as sayaka and is route when kazama famliy save the day ending. This is just a quick note to say that the download links have been fixed and that the files are also now being mirrored on mediafire. There is plenty of description of the choices in the first post for both of these to help you make your choices. Good luck with the translation project awaiting more moe moe miyakotan. Route translated edited total progress sayaka 1919 1919 100% benkei 3333 3333 100% azumi 31 31 100% misc 33 33 100% total 8686 8686 100%. Hopefully this group will provide some useful links.

I played the routes of majikoi that yandere has currently translated omg why is miyako last and enjoyed every moment of it. A fandisc featuring routes for lee and stacy, as well as an after story for tsubame. I might be say her route is one of the best in majikoi a series. Nonvn related threads submissions unrelated to vns are. A3, oftentimes abbreviated to majikoi, has been correctly translated by a group. The samurai are a very important part of japans history, and to be related to them in any way is probably one of the most inspiring things that a young high school student could hope for. Please direct any questions to the comments section or to twdarkeh or.

The original developer of the game is japanese company minato soft, and a2 is the second game in a series of smaller fan discs for the popular majikoi series. Dont worry, the patch is a painless 35mb download, so you dont have to. The download links for the english translation patches and translated freeware games are available on our project pages. Melty blood actress again current code english beta 20151204. Apr 29, 2016 so, i was just randomly pick takae instead of margit since i am not a really fan of takae. A3, oftentimes abbreviated to majikoi, has been correctly translated by a.

Majikoi translation discussion fan translation discussion. Melty blood actress again current code boss rush english 20161031. Samurai girls is a series that tries to bite off more than it chew. Maji koi a3 because im unable to change the box under, to clarify translated doesnt include the translation check runs 2nd tl runs that can take a while because japanese is fun. This is a english patch version of the game supplied by maji translations. Majikoi s preliminary impressions unlimited translation works. Dowolf translator ouraibaa hjyuraa quality checker, pr guy, and project boss leader. Among the majikoi heroines, benkei is one of my favorites. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Majikoi a2 has now been fully translated by the fan translation team at. A subreddit for all things related to the majikoi series.

Lu shihandai, shakadou kyoubu, nabeshima tadashi, mayuzumi yukiespecial sword skills, matsunaga tsubamehiraguno, claudio nerorank 3, kuki ageha, yoshitsune shyana ou gekirin. A community for discussing visual novels, their development, and the medium. Mar 06, 2012 kazuko golden pridenear end of kazuko route top 10 anime where mc is strong from the start and surprises everyone when he shows his powers duration. Review and impression on majikoi a5 takae route okky.

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